My work can be purchased directly from my studio in the United States.  Additionally, some of my work can be purchased at Eine Art Galerie in Cologne, Germany.  Worldwide shipping is available.

I will be participating in the eine art galerie art fair in Bad Ems, Germany commencing September 24, 2022.  Below is the announcement of the fair and the description related to my work.  Translated into English, that reads as follows:  

Abigail Stern lives and works in New York. With her reinterpretation of ancient Asian sumuk art, she is already an established artist who is in great demand among collectors. Therefore we are very proud to represent Abigail Stern exclusively in Europe.

In her often filigree paper works, she works almost exclusively with traditional materials: Chinese ink, handmade paper from Nepal and Tibet, and rice paper. Poetic collages are created, complex and evocative.